Why can't I send mail from my php script?

If you try to send mail directly from a script hosted on our shared servers, you may notice it sends but is never received.

We run a whitelist on our shared servers and by default only allow mail to be sent via your mail application or webmail. Should you require the ability to send mail directly from a web script, please open a ticket so we can add your site to the whitelist.

Most scripts will allow you to use a 3rd party SMTP server with authentication, which you are still welcome to do without having to contact support.

Please note, we will need to know why you require access as we take spam seriously as it affects both the stability and reputation of all our shared users.

We would prefer you to use a 3rd party SMTP server to send mail from your scripts. This can even be done using a free gmail account and the following settings:
SMTPAuth=true;// SMTP authenticationHost="smtp.gmail.com";// SMTP serverPort=465;// SMTP PortUsername="john.doe@gmail.com";// SMTP account usernamePassword="your.password";// SMTP account password

Here is an example:

This tutorial contains three files.

- Index.php
- SMTPconfig.php // SMTP Server Cofiguration
- SMTPClass.php // SMTP Mail Sending Class

You have to change SMTP server details.
//Server Address
$SmtpPort="25"; //default

SMTP mail sending class.

class SMTPClient

function SMTPClient ($SmtpServer, $SmtpPort, $SmtpUser, $SmtpPass, $from, $to, $subject, $body)

$this->SmtpServer = $SmtpServer;
$this->SmtpUser = base64_encode ($SmtpUser);
$this->SmtpPass = base64_encode ($SmtpPass);
$this->from = $from;
$this->to = $to;
$this->subject = $subject;
$this->body = $body;

if ($SmtpPort == ""
$this->PortSMTP = 25;
$this->PortSMTP = $SmtpPort;

function SendMail ()
if ($SMTPIN = fsockopen ($this->SmtpServer, $this->PortSMTP)) 
fputs ($SMTPIN, "EHLO ".$HTTP_HOST."\r\n"); 
$talk["hello"] = fgets ( $SMTPIN, 1024 ); 
fputs($SMTPIN, "auth login\r\n");
fputs($SMTPIN, $this->SmtpUser."\r\n");
fputs($SMTPIN, $this->SmtpPass."\r\n");
fputs ($SMTPIN, "MAIL FROM: <".$this->from.">\r\n"); 
$talk["From"] = fgets ( $SMTPIN, 1024 ); 
fputs ($SMTPIN, "RCPT TO: <".$this->to.">\r\n"); 
$talk["To"] = fgets ($SMTPIN, 1024); 
fputs($SMTPIN, "DATA\r\n");
$talk["data"]=fgets( $SMTPIN,1024 );
fputs($SMTPIN, "To: <".$this->to.">\r\nFrom: <".$this->from.">\r\nSubject:".$this->subject."\r\n\r\n\r\n".$this->body."\r\n.\r\n");
fputs ($SMTPIN, "QUIT\r\n"); 

return $talk;



$to = $_POST['to'];
$from = $_POST['from'];
$subject = $_POST['sub'];
$body = $_POST['message'];
$SMTPMail = new SMTPClient ($SmtpServer, $SmtpPort, $SmtpUser, $SmtpPass, $from, $to, $subject, $body);
$SMTPChat = $SMTPMail->SendMail();
<form method="post" action="">
To:<input type="text" name="to" />
From :<input type='text' name="from" />
Subject :<input type='text' name="sub" />
Message :<textarea name="message"></textarea>
<input type="submit" value=" Send " />

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